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  • 09:59 It's the last day of break... back to school tomorrow. I didn't get nearly as much finished over break as I had planned. #
  • 21:43 i laugh when i see boys reading twilight. #
  • 21:58 i would totally fall in love with/do/marry one of the main characters in the book i am reading right now... and that is sad. but he is sexy. #
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  • 10:10 screwed up my schedule for work again today. went in thinking i have to be there from 10-4... when i am scheduled for 2-8. wtf. #
  • 11:42 @danadoo37 i'm jealous. i get the worst hangovers. #
  • 11:43 library. then BACK to big m for work. #
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  • 17:06 i'm never going to finish this lesson plan pacet #
  • 20:40 $70 for a cap and gown is ridiculous. Don't I already pay that school enough money? #
  • 20:43 I finally have a hold on what I am doing for this project yayyy! #
  • 21:44 I'm lonely. #
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  • 13:36 in the library with tracy brayyyy #
  • 14:59 I'm having issues with my final project I want to cry. I just want to graduate already. #
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update number 2 for today <3.

after class today i went to the campus center where i was suprised to hear a string quartet playing holiday and winter-time music.
it was absolutely perfect, especially when you could look outside and see the snow on the ground and the snow falling from the sky and drifting against the buildings.
i could have sat there and listened to them all day. it was so relaxing.
god i love classical and orchestral music. i have to be in the mood to listen and enjoy it, but it was a perfect touch to such a peaceful scene (especially when enjoying it from inside a nice, warm building).

things like this make me love living in oswego.
wintertime is so pretty. but so cold.
i will probably hate it and want it to go away by the time january rolls around, but for now, it's perfect.

more awesome news for today
i have an 82 average in that horribly hard chem class!!!! (i really don't know how because i thought i was doing terrible).
i got an 85 on the last test!!!! *dances*
and i have an extra credit assignment due thursday that will add 10 points onto my final average for the class.

today has been full of awesomeness so far.

i can't wait for tomorrow for the one year anniversary with my love.
i haven`t seen nick since last tuesday. since then i have been pretty much working non-stop. i put in my two week's notice and they load up the hours, it figures. i should have known better than to expect him to be up before noon and come get me so we can spend the day together.
i really miss him. and this week won't be much better... i will probably see him monday and that's about it because i am working every day til my last day.
my boss just called me (to try to get me to come in on my only day off no doubt)... it's not going to happen. i need this day to relax and to see nick.

my friend who is a photographer wants me to get back in the studio. i haven't modeled in months and i'm not sure it's something that i want to get back into. he's really nice and i would help him out and model for his photography students, as for shoots all the time.... not happening. i'm just not really interested in it anymore.

i haven`t really had an actual update in a while because i have been so busy and i have been a little lazy when it comes to commenting. but i am reading every night i just wanted to let everyone know.

i hope we go to the beach today or do something exciting.
i'll probably post lots of pictures :)

playing under the table and dreaming....

today was the most relaxing day off i have had in a while.

i love rain as well as walking and playing in it.
i watched storms roll in all afternoon and night.
thunder and lightning storms are so incredible to watch. i saw pink lightning today when we drove to josh's.

i colored for like 4 hours straight while nick was at work. coloring is my favorite way to de-stress my life.

i really don`t have much else to say.

i hate oswego.

so not only are my parents and brother going to florida next week... but my parents are taking greg to disney as well.

guess who is fucking stuck in oswego and pissed?

guess who gets to work all day on easter and spend the rest of the day alone... while the rest of my family lounges around on the beach all day (and all week).